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Rachel Kabue 

When Rachel first began taking in stray cats, she simply brought them into her home from the street, but it was not long before the need for a bigger space with more resources became apparent. Rachel dreamed of creating a space where all of Nairobi’s cats could find safety. In 2020 Rachel officially founded the Nairobi Feline Sanctuary, where she continues to expand and welcome cats that need medical assistance, and shelter. 
By getting the cats off the streets, NFS helps to protect local wildlife and limits the transmission of diseases such as rabies. All cats taken in by the shelter are treated for medical issues and sterilized to help combat overpopulation.



Dorrine Odundo
Assistant Volunteer and Operational Associate

Dorrine is only sixteen, but already she has become a trusted partner in the sanctuary and shown a natural skill for caring for the animals.

Whenever orphaned kittens are brought in who need bottle feeding,

Dorrine sets her alarm to wake up through the nights with the kittens and has an intuitive sense of what each animal may need to thrive in their new home.

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